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Indonesian Cuisine

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Course Description

This course will introduces students about traditional cooking of Indonesian Cuisine.  The course will covers all keys area of traditional equipments and utensil, Indonesian Herbs and spices, traditional cooking methods and Indonesian regional dish. 

Bachelor Degree

Credit: 4 

Prerequisite course: no

Total learning durations: 180 hours

Course Pacing: Self-Paced


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2. Sri Owen. (2015). The Indonesian Food. Pavilion Books, ISBN13 9781910496718.

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5. Suryo S. Negoro Upacara Tradisional Jawa, ISBN 978-602-60692-1-4

6. Rima Sjoekri SeniRasa  A Recipe Companion to Indonesian Cooking ISBN 978–602–03–2264-3

7. Mjurdijati Gardjito, Lila Muliani, Chairunisa Chayatinufus Kuliner Minangkabau, Pustaka Nenek Moyang Yang Pantas Disayang ISBN 978–602–06–3238-4

8. Reno Andam Suri (2019) Rendang: Minang Legacy to the World ISBN-10: 6026990046

9. Murdijati Gardjito, Lila Muliani, Chairunisa Chayatinufus (2019) Kuliner Minangkabau, Pusaka nenek moyang yang pantas disayang. ISBN: 978-602-06-3238-4

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this Course, students will be able to:

1. Identify traditional equipment and utensil and local Herbs & Spices

2. Apply traditional cooking methods and various Indonesian regional dish.

3. Demonstrate preparation and cooking process of Indonesian regional dish.




Post-test 50%
Final Assignment 50%

Instructor Name

Farah Levyta, SST.Par., M.Par., CHE

Email : [email protected]

Farah Levyta is a lecturer at Hotel Management Bina Nusantara, Her expertise is in Indonesian Cuisine Theory and practice, Pastry and Bakery, and also Indonesian gastronomy. In addition to teaching, she is interested in doing research in the field of gastronomy tourism. She has publications in several nationally accredited to international journals in areas of gastronomy tourism. She also holds an Certified Hospitality Educator from the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA).

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